It was only a couple weeks ago that we could enjoy the brisk touch of the icy snow on the ski slopes. We celebrated New Years on the hills with friends and family. We were all well and happy, unaware of what was there to come.

Today the world hides behind masks and is filled with fear. Fear of the unseen enemy that may ruin our health, or even take the life of our loved ones. In a mere couple of weeks, we became prisoners of our own homes – and yet, we are the lucky ones to have a home and still have our health. So, should we sit in fear and do nothing? Not quite.

There is reasonable fear, which is beneficial, because it triggers our instincts to protect ourselves and the life of our loved ones. And there is the irrational fright that makes us stack up toilet paper for the next two decades. We don’t believe in the second one, but fully support the first kind of fear, because it motivates us to cope with the situation and be smart. So, how to be smart?

Wear a mask

Evercover masks and mask covers are available in realistic and fantasy styles, kid and adult sizes.

Fantasy masks make wearing a mask fun and easy.

No matter what some people may say, masks DO save lives. They provide a certain physical barrier between your health and the virus. Although fabric even in multiple layers would not be enough to catch a single virus, the good thing is that it can filter the floating particles in the air, such as dust or micro droplets, to which the virus attaches itself. These have no chance against a couple layers of fabric and have no chance to infect you – which might just be enough to save your life.

We have our own spin on this story and created face masks that will make the weary situation a little light-hearted with some humor – or help you hide the mask on your face.

Stay home

If you are like us, staying active, doing sports is what keeps you going. To get stuck indoors, between the four walls is both a challenge and a torture. But this torture saves lives by the thousands all around us, so might as well look at it like a blessing. Why not make the best out of it?

TV shows may seem like the first choice of spending time, but not the smartest. There are a lot of great pieces of advice floating around from clean your home, start baking, read a book – so what’s our suggestion?

Well, we believe in making the best out of the worst situations, so we have something else in mind. Have you heard about MOOCs? This abbreviation stands for massive open online courses which have became a huge trend in continuing education in the past couple of years. They come in all kinds of topics and length from even the best universities (like Harvard, Yale, IE or MIT) and offer you an unimaginable smorgasbord of learning. The best thing is? You can take most of them for free.

The most popular such platforms are Coursera, Udemy, edX, but there are about a dozen other smaller, more specialized such platforms out there. With a little effort, you may as well leave the lock down time with new skills that will skyrocket your career.


Doing yoga is beneficial for kids and adults alike.

Doing yoga is great for your body, soul and mind.

The best exercise is out there in the fresh air, playing ball with friends or rafting on a foamy river. But you can stay fit at home, too, no need to give up your fitness level or let yourself grow into four sizes bigger clothes. There are tons of free exercises on Youtube, choose what fits your liking. It can be interval workout, weightlifting or just running up and down the staircase. Our special favorite is Yogaburn, because it combines the traditional benefits of yoga with sculpting your body, improving your balance and calming your mind with strengthening every single muscle in your body.

No matter what you choose, just stick with it. This craze will not last forever and it is your decisions and actions now that will decide how you go back to normal. Go back as a winner who made the best out of the worst.

Take care, and we hope to see you soon out in the slopes, in the fields, happy, healthy, with friends and family.

Love from all of us at Evercover.

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