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What is a helmet cover?

Helmet cover notre dame ski trip 2016

There is more to it than simply protection

Jazz up your look with a personal helmet cover

It is a must to wear a helmet in several sports, and there are other ones where it is highly recommended. It is advisable to wear a helmet for cycling and skateboarding, it is downright carless to ski without one, and it might be fatal to miss when rafting.

Helmets can last for years, so it is easy to get bored with the patterns and the surface might become beat up. You can buy several helmets but it costs an arm and a leg. Why spend so much on buying more helmets, when you can have a multitude of looks for the same beloved, reliable helmet with a couple of helmet covers for the fraction of the price?

Are you bored with your old helmet but do not want to buy a new one when this one is still good? Are you looking for something to jazz up your look or new ways to express your personality? Or are you trying to make it fun to wear a helmet for a kid?

We have the perfect solution for you.

Browse our feature-rich helmet cover catalog or let us know what you are thinking, and our design team will help you find your style or the perfect gift that makes it not only safe but fun to wear a helmet.

Why choose us and the Evercover Helmet Covers?

  • because we are practicing parents and we know that with our animal patterned helmet covers, kids wear their helmet happily even if they did not want to hear about it before,
  • because hundreds of friends asked us to design them helmet covers for their ski trips for fun,
  • because we have repeat customers from over 70 countries around the globe,
  • because we do our best to manufacture the highest quality products and only use the best Italian materials,
  • because we make every effort to see happy faces all around the globe,
  • because we keep our prices low by sales and discounts,
  • because all our models are high quality European products handcrafted in Hungary.

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