The year 2018 will surely enter the history books for several reasons. Both great and real sad events in politics, fashion, celebrity lives and climate took place this year. Most of them will likely affect our lives in the future. One thing we at Evercover are particularly happy about is that the world finally took notice of global warming, and ordinary people stepped up against plastic pollution in the world.

This year was a game changer in the life of our company, too. We turned 7 years old and 2018 was the busiest year ever. Here is a short overview of the most important events of our life in 2018:

Helmet cover as art

January saw the arrival of fullprint design in our shop. This technique can turn helmet covers into a piece of art. Some of the artwork that went on helmet covers was stunning even for us. Rock on, guys!

March was the time when Aniko, Noemi and Zsolt joined our team to develop our business and customer service. Not to mention, they also bring croissants and coffee to share with us.

It was in April that Alexander Shark the Sharp grew a little too big for shipping and got stuck with us. So, we welcomed a Mr. Knows-it-All to our team, who entertains us every day with his opinionated grumpiness.

Alexander Mr. Knows-it-All

In May, we moved to a new location real close to our printing company to speed up the manufacturing process. This was especially blissful around Christmas, because it helped our helmet covers land under the Christmas tree with close to speed of light. A bigger warehouse also came with the new office to help us fulfill orders from stock without waiting for manufacturing. This means that in several cases our delivery time went down to 2 days even to the US. Not bad.

November brought the arrival of the DHL ODD service (a lot of acronyms, right?). ODD stands for On-Demand-Delivery. This unique shipping service is only available at certain companies (luckily, we are one of them). It can do wonders if you need to make changes in the delivery time or place while your package is already on its way. Imagine, for example, that you ordered a helmet cover to your workplace. Your child suddenly gets sick and you stay at home with her, so you can’t receive your package. Or a common problem with last minute shopping is that you need to leave for your holiday before your helmet cover arrives. Now, you can just simply check in the system and redirect the helmet cover to your hotel. Easy as that. We love it and so do our customers.

We also need to say a few words about those initiatives that we greatly admired throughout the year and had the honor to support. There were some bigger, smaller other ones, too, but the most important were these three:


Cathrine and her team at the Leucan Ski Challenge

The Leucan Ski Challenge in March was organized to help children who suffer from leukemia. Dan contacted us for helmet covers for Chatherine’s team, and we made them cure reindeer helmet covers to bring a little cheer to the event.

The Longest Ride of the Alzheimer Association was organized in June to raise awareness of this dreadful disease.  The guys at the Alzheimer Association make great efforts to draw attention to the symptoms and to educate us how we can read the signs and act in time. Although there is no cure for this disease yet, a lot can be done to improve the life quality and life expectancy of those we love and care for the most.

Friends of PACC riding in Evercover helmet cover

Last but not least, there was a project organized by PACC in November. The Pima Animal Care Center makes huge efforts to save the life of homeless pets and find them a new loving family. We are pet lovers with several dogs and cats at home, so it was our honor to contribute to the fun of the ride with some cute helmet covers to make more heads turn.

2018 made us work, but also brought a lot of fond memories. We hope that 2019 will be just as much fun and joy for all our friends and customers at the Evercover community.

Hope to see you soon!