… is a moment of silence. The big rush is over. The gifts that we planned and hid for weeks to see the faces of our loved ones light up under the Christmas tree, have been opened. Even the leftover from the Christmas turkey is gone. Maybe some cake is still sitting on the kitchen counter – but the rush to cook and bake and make is over, too.

This is the time to take a moment, look at our family and friends and give thanks.

We, at Evercover, do the same. Our family works with us helping make dreams come true. 5 years ago, during a family get together, Gyöngyi jokingly said that she wanted a company that we can love, and a product that people can love, too. This is how the little chameleon, Evercover, was born.

Since then, we had the honor to add some fun to the life of people that we may never meet, but think of every day. We had the fortune to be a part of birthday celebrations and bike trips with friends, we helped turn heads at charity events for an important cause, and helped make sure that kids are never lost on busy ski slopes.

People shared their ideas, dreams and joy with us – and we are thankful. Thankful for having met so many kind and fun people around the entire globe. And thankful that these people trusted us with special moments of their lives. We are thankful for you, and for a small family team that make all this possible.

Merry Christmas to you, all around the globe, peace, joy and happiness.