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We are happy that you are eager to receive your new Evercover helmet covers. As much as we do our best to fulfill your order as soon as possible, it might take a little while and here is the reason why.

We are located in the heart of Europe: in Budapest, Hungary. Great place for a business but a bit longer for shipping.

We provide three options for shipping, please, make your choice depending on how quick you would like to wear your helmet covers and how important it is to know exactly when they arrive.

shipping evercover FeedEx

Free Shipping

If it is not that urgent, choose the free shipping option. We do our share to make things as quick as possible, and will put your order together within 12-48 business hours upon receiving payment. It is the most cost effective shipping but unfortunately gives you no tracking number and takes about 8-25 days to arrive in the US, Canada and New Zealand, and about 5-15 days in the EU.

Priority Shipping with tracking number

If you wish to follow the journey of your package but still would like to stay on the economy scale, we suggest the priority shipping with tracking number. Your order will get ready within 12-48 business hours upon receiving payment and shipping takes the same amount of time but you can see exactly when to expect your helmet covers to arrive.

US, Canada: 3 USD / order;
UK, Ireland: 2 GBP / order;
European Union: 2.7 EUR / order;
Australia, New Zealand: 4 AUD / order.

Fedex Express

If you need the helmet covers as soon as possible, the best option is the Fedex Express shipping. We prepare your order within 12-24 business hours upon the arrival of your payment. After that, it takes 1-3 days for your package to arrive. This shipping method also provides you with a tracking number to follow the package.

US, Canada: 17 USD / order;
UK, Ireland: 12 GBP / order;
European Union: 14 EUR / order;
Australia, New Zealand: 27 AUD / order

In case you have chosen one of the shipping options with tracking but did not receive a link, please, contact us and we will be happy to assist.


If you have a shipping number and wish to follow the journey of your package, please, use the following links:

Priority shipping

Fedex shipping

We are here to help you choose what’s best for you. Just drop a line and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Free shipping worldwide. Prices include all taxes and fees. Great discounts on higher volume orders. - Click here for more information Dismiss