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We are located in the heart of Europe: in Budapest, Hungary.  There are two options for shipping, please, make your choice depending on how quick you would like to wear your helmet covers. The free option is the best if you are a bit price sensitive and you have more time. The Express shipping is great if you need to receive your package quick and want to track its route. This option also comes with a fantastic feature, the On-Demand-Delivery, that allows you to redirect your package if needed, eg. if you don’t have enough time before you leave for your ski holiday.

Free Shipping (default)

We do our share to make things as quick as possible, and will put your order together within 12-48 business hours upon receiving payment. It is the most cost effective shipping but unfortunately gives you no tracking number and takes about 3-8 business days to arrive in the US, Canada and New Zealand, and about 2-7 business days in the EU. This shipping is unfortunately not time guaranteed, it might take longer to more remote locations.

Plastic free packaging

The free shipping still comes in a standard plastic bag issued by the delivery company we use. However, instead of putting our helmet covers in a plastic bag, we now ship them in a trendy, neat paper wrapping sealed with a call to share your picture and show us how it looks.

It may not seem a lot, but we try to incentivize our customers to opt for plastic free package by giving a 10 cents discount on the final order value.

Read more here.

DHL Express shipping

We get your order ready within 12-24 business hours upon the arrival of your payment. After that, it takes 1-3 days for your package to arrive in most cases. This shipping method allows you to track the route of the package. (Please, request the tracking link from us.) The Express Shipping also has a fantastic On-Demand-Delivery service that makes it possible to redirect your package if needed while it’s already on the go. Kindly note, that these delivery times may be longer if you order from a very remote location.

Price: 19 USD / order

Opt for the Plastic Free DHL Shipping to save the Earth and 10 cents.