Now, there is another reason to visit Budapest with new fun in town: the RollCats are here!

Trixi and Tara have one mission: to make people smile. These crazy rolling ladies bring a smile and some chocolate and kind words wherever they go to make this grey winter world a bit less dull.

There is no better time than before the holiday season for some love, attention and fun. The weather might be a little chilly, but these cheerful ladies won’t get intimidated by a little rain or snow. They decided to bring together a cool, fun-loving feel-good community that can change – maybe not the world – but a couple mundane days into something memorable. Their idea is to organize events where people can just get together and share some laughs – either on roller skates or just on foot. There is no big corporation funding them, only these two ladies with kind hearts and a ton of energy and love.

Their first such event was the Rolloween: a roller skater dress-up Halloween party that worked out so well that they immediately started to organize the next one. The latest event was a spontaneous hand-me-candy roll around town. Wherever they showed up, they gave children and adults a piece of sweet Christmas chocolate and even sweeter kind words: messages of love and care on small slips of paper with great love.

If you want to know where they show up next time and join them, check out their Facebook page, grab your roller skates and goooo!