Have your name on your item

Have your name on your item!

Put your name or a nickname on your item to stand out from the crowd even more. 

Do you have a lucky number? Or a special name in your team? Put it on your product and let the world know!

Please note that the price indicated here is the cost of printing the name, it doesn’t include the price of the item.



Custom item with your name or text

The place and the color of the print is optional. We always print text and images to a place that is not covered by the ski goggles or the straps of the goggles.


All materials we use for the Evercover are of Oeco-tex standard, which means that the fabric and fillings of our products have been tested for harmful substances with the largest prevalence worldwide.  

Helmet covers:

Do you want to know more about our helmet covers and face masks? We tell you All about our helmet covers, just click.  

Would you like to add some ears or a horn? Or maybe wings on the sides? Check out the options for custom made helmet covers. Get in touch with our designer team for a free design plan and get a quote for a completely unique custom-made helmet cover. You can place your custom helmet cover order through a simple form, or via email to sales@evercover.com.


Check out how much fun people are having in their Evercover helmet covers and grab some ideas from our Youtube channel and Community page.


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