Tiger face mask



Be the eye of the tiger.

Choose this product if there is no need to wear a medical mask, but you want to be cautious and wary. This face mask provides similar protection to a surgical mask. This mask is available in kid and adult size.


Our eco-friendly reusable and washable tiger textile face mask that help you break the fear and laugh in the face of danger.  The world has gone crazy and hiding behind face masks. We can try to make it a little more normal even when wearing our roaring tiger face mask. Realistic tiger face mask from Evercover.

Masks are helpful, they may prevent the spread of diseases, but they are scary for kids and induce anxiety in adults, too.

About our tiger textile face mask:

We offer two varieties that help ease the stress or bring a smile to the faces – under the face mask.

  • One variety resembles a human face (both male and female) and hides the scary look of a mask over your face.  Made of a skin color fabric with printed face-like images that help the mask over your face look more natural. Choose this if you want to make your look the closest to natural when wearing a face mask.
  • The other variety says, to the heck with it! Let’s make fun of the scary!

So please choose a realistic natural  face, a fantasy look designer face mask or face mask holders  to show the world you are cautious but not scared.

The Evercover tiger textile face mask has two layers made of non-woven. Highly elastic fabric that fits the curves of your face tightly. There is an inside pocket between the layers where you can insert a disposable mask pad or filter to increase the filtering effect of the mask.. Please note that the face mask does not come with the disposable mask pad or filter.

The use of the face mask may give you a bit of ease of mind in general everyday situations when the use of FFP2 and FFP3 medical masks is not necessary. Our face mask comes with elastic ear loops that hook around your ear. This mask itself folds over the nose, mouth and chin area.

The tiger designer textile face mask is reusable after wash and provides some form of protection without further polluting the environment.

Our roaring tiger face mask is available in two sizes: for adults and for children.

We recommend the realistic tiger face mask in kid size up to the age of 13, whereas the adult size is suitable over 10 years. Between the age of 10-13 it’s up to you which size you choose, but please consider if your child is bigger or smaller than the average.


Before you make a purchase, please note, that:

The tiger textile face mask from Evercover is NOT a medical device. If used alone, it will NOT prevent the transmission of diseases. This tiger textile face mask is only to be used if you are not in close contact with infected people.

Our realistic face mask functions similarly to a surgical mask and protects other people against infection from the person wearing the face mask. The use of the face mask may be beneficial for your environment if you have some mild illnesses (such as cold, lip sore, etc.) that may threaten the health of people in your immediate surroundings.

However, used this realistic tiger face mask in combination with disposable pads or filters (especially those that contain activated carbon), the filtering effect of the face mask multiply.


How to use the tiger textile face mask?

First, if you have it, insert the disposable pad or filter between the layers. Make sure that the layers lay flat on each other. Turn the white side of the mask towards your face. Place the mask over your mouth and nose, and then hook the ear loops around your ears. Pull the bottom of the roaring tiger face mask under your chin. Mold the upper part of the mask around your nose. Make sure that the face mask sits tightly and perfectly on your nose, moth and chin. Breathe normal.

Change the face mask after 3 hours of use. Wash the used mask in ample amount of detergent and water. Squeeze excess water off by hand and hang dry.


SAFETY INFORMATION about designer face masks:

The face mask is NOT a medical device. It is NOT intended to be used in any situation when you may get in close contact with infected people. The realistic face mask, if used alone, will NOT prevent the transmission of diseases.

Our masks are NOT FDA approved. We are not affiliated with organizations, manufacturers or companies that produce medical services or devices. No rights are given or implied.

Please, note that we cannot accept any returns due to the highly personal nature of this product, unless the masks arrive defective or damaged. In case of any problems with your order, please, get in touch with our customer service.

If you dream of having a one-of-a-kind face mask, just get in touch for a custom design. The order goes in three easy steps: 1) tell us about the design, 2) receive your free design plan, 3) finalize the order. Place your custom face mask order through a simple form, or via email to sales@evercover.com.

Check out how much fun people are having in their Evercover tiger textile face masks on our Youtube channel, and share your adventures through the Community page.

We make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint and make our products ecofriendly. The base materials of our face masks are all Oeko-Tex standard materials.

Why choose Evercover and the designer face mask and tiger textile face mask? Read more.


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