Red lips realistic face mask cover – “mascover” (one size fits all)

Be sexy even in a mask.

Choose this product if you want to wear your medical mask but want to hide it. This face mask cover sits OVER the medical mask. This product comes in one size fits all. It is designed to perfectly fit the FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 and the N95 masks.

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If you feel a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious about wearing a face mask or want to help children around you to win over their fear, our Red lips face mask cover can help you.

A medical face mask can save your life and your loved ones’ but wearing a mask can feel a little awkward both for you and for the people around you.

Children are especially affected by the off-putting look of a mask covering their moms’ and dads’ face. They are scared. Help them feel more comfortable by hiding the white mask with a mask cover that looks like a human face.


The Red lips face mask cover comes in two varieties:

  • One variety resembles a human face (both male and female) and hides the scary look of a mask over your face. It is made of a skin color fabric with printed face-like images that help the medical mask over your face look more natural. Choose this if you want to make your look the closest to natural when wearing a medical face mask.
  • The other variety says, to the heck with it! Let’s make fun of the scary! Choose a Dracula face, a lipstick covered lip or other funny face mask cover to show the world you are cautious but not scared.


The most important about the Red lips face mask cover:

  • The face mask cover is NOT a mask. It can be used only OVER the FFP2, FFP3 masks or N95 respirators. The face mask provides no protection in itself.
  • The face mask cover is made of a mesh type fabric that does not hinder breathing through the medical mask over which it is applied.
  • The face mask hooks around the medical mask, not around the ears, this way it helps avoid too much stress on the ears.
  • The face mask is manufactured in one size to fit the one-size-fits-all medical masks.


How to use the Red lips face mask cover?

Turn the unprinted side of the face mask cover towards the medical mask. Hook the elastic loops around the ear loops of your medical mask. Follow the instructions of placing your medical mask on your face: under your chin over your mouth and around your nose. Make sure that the medical mask sits tight, and the loops of the face mask cover don’t allow air to get in around the medical mask. Breathe normal into the respirator.

Change the medical mask as described in its manual. When you change the medical mask, change the face mask cover as well.

Wash the face mask cover with ample amounts of detergent and water. Squeeze excess water off by hand and hang dry.



The face mask cover is NOT a medical device and it is NOT intended to be used without a proper FFP2, FFP3 medical mask or N95 respirator. The face mask, if used alone, will NOT prevent the transmission of diseases, it is only to be used as an aesthetic tool to help ease the anxiety that a medical mask may induce.

Our masks are NOT FDA approved. We are not affiliated with organizations, manufacturers or companies that produce medical services or devices. No rights are given or implied.


Please, note that we cannot accept any returns due to the highly personal nature of this product, unless the masks arrive defective or damaged. In case of any problems with your order, please, get in touch with our customer service.

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