Custom full print helmet cover with your design


Here is your chance to unleash your creative genius and turn your helmet cover into art.

Check out our fantastic, industry leading, new technology that makes it possible to paint on the entire surface of your helmet cover whatever you dream up. With this new service, you can have a full print helmet cover with any kind of design that will look absolutely seamless and perfect. Combine it with a 3D effect for a maximum impact and heads will be spinning wherever you go.

Instead of simply covering the surface, this revolutionary technology seals the paint into the fabric and makes it possible to paint with the printer on complete surfaces. The result is an absolute freedom in design, with no limits and outstanding quality. Check out the description of the technology and you will fall in love with the results.

Combine the helmet covers with fullprint vests for the team and the result is a group of kids having great fun, never getting lost – and providing you with a fantastic, free advertising opportunity. Take it another grade up and add a commercial flag to give extra help to your kids when they try to find you – and gain even more advertising. Check out our special ski school package that includes all three products for a terrific deal.

Unleash your imagination. We can make it happen.

Further important information:

  • Please note that this product has a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces. 
  • Production time is 5-15 days.
  • Please, mail the photo or image you would like to have on your helmet cover to


The new, revolutionary technology that makes it possible to paint on your custom helmet cover like an artist

The heat sublimation transfer printing is based on the use of special, heat sensitive paints that will build into the structure of the fabric under proper circumstances of heat and pressure. While other transfer methods print the paint only on the surface of the fabric, this method makes the paint ooze into the threads of the fabric and become one with it. The result is a surface with resistant and brilliant colors that is perfectly smooth and durable.

The outstanding benefits of the heat sublimation transfer printing:

  • The printed image does not peel
  • The paint is even and smooth, not tactile on the surface
  • The colors are vivid and brilliant
  • Perfect transfer of the original image into the surface
  • True colors of the original image without any additional effects
  • Full print on the surface with no edges
  • The final result is more durable, takes the high demand usage

Let your creative genius free, dream up a completely unique helmet cover and enjoy the true colors of your image anytime, anywhere with this revolutionary, great technique.


About our helmet cover

Putting the helmet cover on your helmet and fastening it is a matter of seconds. It comes with two slots on the back that allow a place for the goggle holding strap on the helmet. It can also be a handy slot for any other gear like bike lamps or light reflecting prisms for enhanced visibility. The two elastic straps on the sides can be hooked around the ear protectors if you have them on your helmet.

Properties of the custom helmet cover


  • Universal size
  • SPF 50 UV resistant fabric
  • Oeco-Tex Standard materials, no harmful substances
  • Lasting colors
  • Material: 92% polyamide and 8% elastane
  • Hand wash only in 65-85 F (30 Celsius)
  • Do not use chlorine based bleach
  • Avoid spin dry. Squeeze off excess water and hang to dry
  • Avoid ironing

Universal size covers fit helmets from XS to XXL (20.87-25.20 inch/53-64 cm head size) and are suitable for technically all kinds of helmets. However, to make the best choice, we recommend choosing universal size helmet covers over the age of 6. (You can learn more about the proper sizes on the size chart page to make sure that you chose the right size.)

Check out how much fun people are having in their Evercover helmet covers on our Youtube channel, and share your adventures through the Community page.

We make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint and make our products ecofriendly. The base materials of our helmet covers are all Oeko-Tex standard materials, and the packaging is kept to a minimum to get close to zero waste.

Why choose us and and the Evercover helmet cover? Read more.



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