Commercial (beach) flag

Commercial flags or beach flags are a terrific tool, when you have a bunch of kids running around and you need to mark a spot where they can all gather and find you on a busy ski slope.

Put your logo, your company’s name or just a fun image on this flag and kids won’t ever get lost. If you have several teams out in the field, simply use a separate flag with a different color or image for each team and everybody will know instantly where to go. The package is complete with a drill shape, super sturdy flagpole base that can easily be driven into any surface and holds your flag steady even in extreme weather conditions.

With a branded design, the flag can also serve as a cool tool to advertise your business or school. Combine the flag with fullprint helmet covers for the team and the result is a group of kids having great fun, never getting lost – providing you with a fantastic, free advertising opportunity. Take it another grade up and add visibility vests to the package to keep your kids extra safe – and gain even more advertising. Check out our special ski school package that includes all three products for a terrific deal.

Get creative with your designs and take advantage of new tools of advertising.

Further important information:

  • Production time is 5-15 days.
  • This product can only be ordered with FedEx express shipping.
  • Please, mail the photo or image you would like to have on your commercial flag to

Check the shipping options


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Technical details of the commercial flag:

Evercover commercial flag is manufactured with our revolutionary heat sublimation transfer printing to provide outstanding results in terms of quality, durability and aesthetic value.  The result is a surface with brilliant lasting colors that is perfectly smooth and durable. Further benefits of the heat sublimation transfer printing:

  • The printed image is smooth and does not peel
  • Perfect transfer of the original image into the surface
  • True colors of the original image without any additional effects
  • Full print on the surface with no edges
  • The final result is more durable, takes the high demand usage

The package includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Commercial flag
  • Flag pole
  • Carrier bag
  • Sturdy flagpole base


Technical parameters of the commercial flag:

  • Shape and design: shark fin shape with extra seams and elastic pole holes
  • Full height:  21,6×122 inch (55×310 cm)
  • Flag print size: 21,6×82,6 inch (55×210 cm)
  • Material: high quality 110g Polyester
  • Print: heat sublimation transfer with UV resistant paint (Please note that due to the technology, the print is available on only one side.)


Shipping with FedEx Express service, in Tube.

Check out how much fun people are having in their Evercover helmet covers on our Youtube channel and share your adventures through the Community page.

Why choose us and and the Evercover helmet cover? Read more.



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