Our mission

We all know that doing sports is thrilling, exciting, healthy and fun. We also know that most sport equipments tend to become prcicy if they are of good quality and also look good.

We are here to change this, and help you find a cost effective way to jazz up your look and turn heads not only with your sport results but with your gear, too.

You only need a little magic, a touch of creativity and our helmet covers. Evercover Helmet Covers are made for everyone, children and adults alike. You can wear them with any sport helmet. Beside the most popular ski and cycling helmet covers, we also manufacture waterproof cycling helmet covers, helmet covers with horse pattern for riding, helmet covers for roller derby, for rafting and for speed skating.

Do you like racing, exciting sports, snowy ski slopes, sharp slopes or dangerous mountain bike paths?

Did you have enough of the boring, uniform, uninspired helmets that do not allow you to express your personality?

Evercover helmet covers will help you express yourself and make your sport activities colorful and fun.

Check out Google riding in our helmet covers

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Letter from you

„Hello Everybody! The helmet cover is still fabulous although it is going to be 5 years old now. It still looks like a new one!
People love it on the competitions, it is a real specialty. Of course, I love it, too and I don’t go anywhere without it. I hope that I could spend a lot of time with it and we are going to achieve good results together. Kind regards, Blanka and the huskies.”

”Unique like you. Designed to make a difference.”