The most painful loss for a family is the loss of a child. Even more so if that loss is because of a disease that in many cases has no cure, or, if there is, only through a terribly painful and costly therapy. Most people brake down and become paralyzed, but not the people who organize and support the Leucan Ski Challenge every year.

This event is organized for families with hours of ski and snowboarding and several activities, but more importantly as a gesture of solidarity towards cancer-stricken children and their families. As sad as the inspiration is, the event itself is a ton of fun with family-oriented activities open to people of all ages.

The challenge is that participants are invited to raise at least $500 for children with cancer and ski for a complete day on one of the four participating mountains throughout Quebec in teams of 1 to 4 people.

We got contacted by Dan, who was representing team Chevreuils 4 which means Deer in French. To make the event more fun for kids and adults, Dan had the idea to ask for donation of deer helmet covers, which we provided gladly, so their team is skiing for the good cause in fun Rudolf helmet covers from now on.

The event is held on the 17th March this year, so there is still time to support this initiative. Dan’s team has done a fantastic work and raised funds way beyond the targeted amount. We would encourage you to please, spare a couple bucks, click on the fundraising page of the team Chevreuils 4 that is captained by Dan’s son, Wylliam, and support their fight with your donation.

Join the Facebook page of Leucan Estrie to follow their work and support their efforts.

Salute to all the brave little fighters and the people supporting them.