Helmet cover size chart

Helmet cover size chart:

Helmet cover size chart: Our covers come in two sizes: kid and universal size. The below charts might help choose the right size and better understand the features.

The universal size fits helmets from XS to XXL (20.87-25.2 0or 53-64 cm head size), and are suitable for technically all kinds of helmets. However, to make the best choice, we recommend choosing universal size helmet covers over the age of 6. Universal size helmet covers are made from high quality materials with extremely lasting and vibrant colors and high, SPF50 UV resistance. (Helmet cover size chart: Our covers come in two sizes. The below charts might help choose the right size and better understand the features.)
The kid or junior size helmet covers are mainly designed to fit the smallest little heads from size 3XS to M (19.15-22.83 inches or 49-58 cm head size), and we recommend them up to the age of 10. Kid size helmet covers are a perfect solution when low price is an important factor in creating a uniform look for teams and ski schools or classes.

As you see, it is up to you between sizes of XS and M if you choose the universal or the kid size helmet cover, but to ensure the best fit, you might want to consider the above age recommendations, too.
All our helmet covers are made with the same thermo transfer technique and thorough manufacturing methods.

The below charts might help choose the right size and better understand the features:


FeaturesUniversal size
Kid size
SPF50 UV protectionyesno
Lasting coloryesno
Elastic strapyesyes
Hook for ear protectoryesyes
Back gapyesyes
Fit for all sizesyesno


3XS19.15 - 19.5049-50Kid size
2XS20.10 - 20.4551-52
XS20.87 - 21.2653-54Universal size
S21.65 - 22.0555-56
M22.44 - 22.8357-58
L23.23 - 23.6259-60
XL24.02 - 24.4160-62
XXL24.80 - 25.2063-64

If you need a kid size helmet cover in universal size, we can make that happen, too.

Please, contact us for the special rates.

Helmet cover size chart.

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