Hungarian TV celebrities, András Hajós and Tilla, were wearing Evercover Helmet Covers during the record attempt of Hand in Hand Foundation. A special record, that had never been attempted in Hungary or elsewhere before, was set on 17th May, 2014 in the organization of the Hand in Hand Foundation. Supporters of the initiative rode a 12 hour long tandem ride with a blind, visually impaired or blindfolded person in the back seat. The participants cycled 2,605 rounds, which equals to 1,563 km (971 miles) in 12 hours with the average speed of 9.32 km/h (5.8 MPH).

The action wanted to send the message that people with special needs count on the society they live in. We all sit in the same boat – or ride a shared bike – and we can get far but only together.  Evercover Helmet Covers was happy to help raising attention to this initiative.