Evercover on Etsy

The Evercover on Etsy since 2010. We are at an amazing milestone because we have reached 10.000 sales on Etsy!!  😍

This means that our customers trusted our company and products ten-thousand times. We are so happy and deeply honored to serve you, and will do our best to treat the next 10.000 orders with the same love and care. Gigantic thanks to Aniko Becsy-Nemes, who has been our Etsy SEO expert and guardian angel on Etsy. 👏😍❤️

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Since 2015, Eszter has supervised the packaging of all our products.

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About Etsy:

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

In a time of increasing automation, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce. That’s why we built a place where creativity lives and thrives because it’s powered by people. We help our community of sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking for an alternative—something special with a human touch, for those moments in life that deserve imagination.

As a company, we strive to lead with our guiding principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

  • 45 million items
    Etsy highlights the magic of human imagination—it’s the only place where you can find the perfect wedding gift and a cape for your bearded lizard while you’re at it. If you can dream it up, it’s probably on Etsy.
  • 1.9 million active sellers
    Every day, millions of creative entrepreneurs pour passion and energy into their Etsy shops. As a creative outlet, part-time job, or full-time career, Etsy sellers support their economic and artistic well-being by creating and curating ingenious things.
  • 31.7 million active buyers
    If you’re giving a gift, celebrating a milestone, or expressing your style, Etsy empowers you to find the perfect thing. With a dynamic, ever-changing selection of special items to explore, Etsy is the joyful way to shop.

Evercover on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EvercoverHelmetCover