It was our great honor that our family business got nominated to an award founded by the noble family that did so much to fundamentally shape the history of our homeland, Hungary. Earl István Széchenyi, the Greatest Hungarian – the name Earl Széchenyi earned in his life with his relentless efforts to develop his beloved country – was the key figure of the Hungarian reform age in the 19th century and his wisdom and initiatives have their lasting effect on the economy of the country even today.

His family founded the Széchenyi Business of the Year Award to follow and honor this great legacy. The award is given annually to the best Hungarian businesses that serve the cultural and economic development of the country.

Evercover Helmet Covers got nominated by the founder of Prezi in 2016 because our family run company is a business that reaches over country borders, races, age, and brings fun to people in over 70 countries in the world while serving their safety.

It was our great honor to participate at the grand award ceremony at the Academy of Science of Hungary. Although we did not win the award, being nominated remains a great honor and acknowledgement of our work. Our company is our pride and joy and we hope to serve our country and our customers with the same quality and love for a long time.