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  • European quality
  • No minimum order
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  • Average production time is only 3-8 days
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It’s easier than you think!

Buy your custom helmet cover now !


Personalized and custom helmet covers - style that's all yours (and no one else's)

Do you want to turn heads and stand out from the crowd in the fields or on the street?

We manufacture high quality helmet covers with heat transfer technology complete with printed text, pictures or 3D effects. Choose from the standard colors shown in pictures or select custom colors and 3D effects on higher volume orders.

We design custom helmet covers in a multitude of styles and prints with animals, superheroes, cartoon heroes, you name it. Make our helmet cover the perfect personalized gift with the name of your loved ones.

You can order helmet covers with company brand and logos. Our happy customers include sport clubs and sport groups, schools and colleges, companies and more. Even the Lindt chocolatier, ain’t that sweet?

Safety is a must but why not be stylish, creative and practical at the same time?
Unleash your imagination. We can make it happen.


A new way of marketing:

custom made helmet covers

People became immune to traditional ways of advertising. If you want to make an impact, you need to look for fresh ways to reach them. Spin the heads (even literally) with a new tool right in your target group: advertise on helmet covers. Custom helmet covers are an excellent way to make your staff, or even your customers, advertise for you at a fraction of the cost of having custom helmets made.

Put custom made helmet covers on your delivery guys and your customers will see your logo every time they show up. Use company design on helmet covers at a construction site and your staff will be safe and easy to find in the workmen crew.

Helmet covers provide an excellent surface for your company name, logo or slogans. There is an almost endless possibility of using custom colors, 2D or even 3D design elements. It is an easy, flexible, cost effective, yet unusual way to grab the attention of potential future customers and build your brand image.




We are always looking for something new so that you could have the greatest helmet covers out there. Here is our latest, revolutionary service that makes it possible to print on the full surface of the helmet cover with absolutely lifelike image and true colors.

The heat sublimation transfer does not simply paint on the surface of the fabric, but makes the paint ooze into the fabric and become one with it. The result is a perfect depiction of your original image with no edges and vibrant, lifelike colors. The quality is outstanding with no peeling paints and extremely long lasting print.

If Van Gogh was alive, for sure he would go for this service. Check out the details on our website and let us know what you think.

Get creative in terms of designs and in taking advantage of new tools of advertising.

Combine the vest with helmet covers for the team and the result is a group of kids having great fun, never getting lost  – and providing you with a fantastic, free advertising opportunity.

Take it another grade up and add a commercial flag and vests to give extra help to your kids when they try to find you – and gain even more advertising.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Survival tip for parents before skiing

Survival tip for parents before skiing

We are practicing parents and we know that with our 3D animal helmet covers, kids wear their helmet happily even if they did not want to hear about it before.

If you have any questions, just give me a call: 



 Mrs. Gyöngyi Kellner (creative design)

We would like to help in your decision, buy samples now:

Here are some ideas for inspiration

Take a look at the designs of our customers.
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