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All about your new helmet cover

Hello, welcome to our plastic free page!

We created this page to cut the flyers, but still tell you all about your helmet cover and our efforts to make our life on Earth sustainable. As much as we try, we cannot run a completely plastic free business since we can only use standard mailing packages with plastic inlays, but we do whatever we can to cut plastic.

Every little bit matters, so here is a list of what we have done so far:

  • We have reduced the packaging on our products to the minimum. Most importantly, we got rid of all the plastic wrappings, strings and stickers, but we also cut the usage of paper flyers with info about our products.

  • We went digital in every walks of our life. All our invoices and communications are sent in a digital form. We only use recycled paper in our office if we have to print something. Thanks to the collaboration of DHL, we could optimize our shipping documents down to 2 pages from the previous 6. (Thanks, DHL Guys, great job!)
  • We love soft drinks but came to realize how much trash their packaging creates, so we got rid of them completely and now we only drink filtered water. Better for the environment and less sugar for us.

And here are some suggestions of what you could do:

  • Helmets are literally life savers, but they are made of plastic, too. The best thing is to keep using them for as long as possible. If they get a little beat up, don’t throw them away. Instead, dress them in cool new helmet covers in just a second. You probably know by now, but here is a handy little video to show you how easy it is:

  • Please, consider using the same helmet for multiple sports. They might look a little different but at the end of the day, they all do the same job: take care of your smart head. If you still wish to distinguish your helmets in various sport activities, you can just use different helmet covers. Simple, easy, no waste.

Please, remember, that every little bit matters.

We will keep making new efforts to reduce the waste we create in all walks of our business. Do the same and your children will thank you for it. We do, too.


We are so glad to see you here.

It is absolutely wonderful that many of you send us pictures or some kind feedback, and we wanted to have a place where we can all gather and share some fun.So, here we are: we created a place where you can meet other members of our community, see their good times in helmet covers and share your own memorable moments of joy.

Flip through the picture gallery to just have a couple minutes of fun, but it can also give you some great ideas for gifts or future trips. Who knows? It might even inspire you to try some new sports. 🙂

Check out the pictures of our community below, and join us. It only takes three clicks!

Thank you for visiting this page.

We greatly appreciate that you took the time to read about our efforts and hope that you have found some useful ideas here that you can implement in your life, too. We will update this page regularly with new initiatives, please, come and visit it again.