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Funny universal and kid size helmet covers are easy and comfortable wear.

The colorful 2D and 3D design will provide adult and children full protection on the ski slope and in the traffic. High quality stretch fabric in two different size (universal size: 3XS-XL, kid size 3XS-M).Small back slot for your goggle strap clip or your bike lights.

Funny helmet covers for being unique

Would you like to bring some excitement and some fun to the rush? You can do it with our special helmet covers! Those, who like the restrained style better, can find simple, but more unique products as well. The use of a helmet cover is nowadays really popular. You don't need to buy a new helmet. With a funny and unique helmet cover you can easily refurbish your helmet. At an affordable price, in a wide range of supply, you can choose the helmet cover that fits for you the best.

Helmet covers for kids are recommended, as with helmet cover figures you can motivate them through a playful way, that helmets are really important, beside safe, still funny. Of course adults can get covers as well. It would make their outfit unique during sports. If you would like to have cheerful sports, or you would like to persuade your child to always wear a helmet, to get a helmet cover is the best decision!

Just take a look on our supply, make your hobby more cheerful with this funny accessory! Ride with helmet covers, make your appearance unique!

Summer cyclist group in funky bird helmet covers

Advantages of a summer helmet cover

If it is summer, come summer sports! However, even when enjoying summer activities, you should keep security in mind and never leave your protective helmets at home!

With the arrival of good weather, roller skates, bikes and rollers appeared that require a good helmet, just as they might serve your head well at a nice summer horseback riding. Boring, hot? Look at the bright side: it has plenty of advantages as well:

  • it provides optimal protection even at smaller falls so it protects you from head injuries and even long-term effects
  • it protects you from the sun so you won’t get a heat stroke
  • it even holds a lot of opportunities to personalize and have it in your own taste. How? Dress it up into summer colors and unique helmet covers!

You’d like something funny? Choose our bird or moustache covers! You wish to have a helmet cover with an animal? From cats and dogs through penguins and polar bears and foxes we have almost every animal imaginable! You have no idea yet? You can never go wrong with a monochrome or a patterned helmet cover! Or on the contrary – you have a pretty unique, well-rounded idea what you’d like? Not a problem. You can count on us with planning and producing totally unique helmet covers as well!

If you have any questions regarding helmet covers, feel free to contact us and enjoy security dressed in helmet covers!

Notre Dame ski school group photo in Evercover helmet covers
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Our mission

We both know that doing a sport is only worth doing it happily and freely, in a way that every moment is special.
You don't need expensive equipment and accessories in order to find happiness in sport.
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Google wears our helmet covers too!

Do you like racing, exciting sports, snowy ski slopes, sharp slopes or dangerous mountain bike paths?

But are you also bored of the uniform, uninspired helmets, which do not allow you to express your personality?

Use helmet cover and make skiing, riding colourful!

Letter from you

„Hello Everybody! The helmet cover is still fabulous although it is going to be 5 years old now. It still looks like a new one!
People love it on the competitions, it is a real speciality. Of course, I love it, too and I don't go anywhere without it. I hope that I could spend a lot of time with it and we are going to achieve good results together. Kind regards, Blanka and the huskys.”

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”Unique like You.
Designed for making a difference.”

Our helmet covers are worn in 71 countries worldwide!

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